Thursday, December 11, 2014

This Week

December flurries even on a school day ... so romantic...

Today I picked up Abigail at school before lunch because... well I just wanted to.  I know there's "Half Day K"  but what about "Half Day Second Grade"?  She's had a cold all week and she just needed to be home coloring and resting with her tissues close at hand.  We read tons of Christmas books and let the to do's of the season go....

Do you remember this post?  And what Anna really wants for Christmas?  Well I've been praying and I heard this song on the way home from my little school and helping readers today.  I am now over-the-moon excited about her gift.  I can't make a miracle happen, only God can give us another child.  But I don't have to sit here and just hope.  I can do what I can do.  And I'm so excited about the answer and what I can do while I wait on Him.  You'll just have to wait until Christmas morning to see.

Just a few from our week...

It's way more fun to do your flash cards after bath if you've got Santa with you!


A weeknight Cranberry Sauce. So quick and easy but it makes your kitchen smell like Christmas and sure makes a boring meal into something special. Especially on a cold Tuesday night. I love to make this on leftovers night to spruce it all up. Oh, and it looks pretty on a plate!


Tara's Weeknight Cranberry Sauce

1. In an ungreased baking pan dump a bag of cranberries 
(usually about 3 cups... but I don't measure)
2. Pour one cup of sugar over the cranberries but don't stir. (I told you this was easy)
3. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes and then serve.

~ Anna likes it on toast after school too ~

Anna turned Eleven and a half!






Look Bille Jo... number 9 on your list!


Today Anna went into the city to see A Christmas Carol and the snow was fluttering down... perfection for a quick photo with curls at the end of her hair and red velvet


Even a bag lunch that was required for this field trip can look pretty.



  1. Ok now you have me the song. I am very interested to see what news you have for Christmas morning my friend!!

    I also love taking my kids out of school is just one on one time for us. I usually do not let them know I like to surprise them.

    Have a nice night Tara~

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how this one touched me, Tara!
    Your heart is so full of love for your girls. For your family.
    Can't wait to see what you have in store for your sweet Anna...

    And yay!!! Cupcakes! And man, do they look amazing!
    Snowing up a storm here tonight...

    Hope you are getting some too. Maybe eVen a snow day tomorrow?!?!


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