Thursday, December 4, 2014

Advent... this first week we tried...


I'd like to say that we lit the first candle every evening like we did last year. I'd like to say that we opened the Bible and peacefully read each night the verse, but we didn't. Not this week. It's a good thing that Advent is four weeks.

But I take a shot and put it here in blogland to remember that it did happen one night.


Abigail's test results came back and I have to tell the truth. They were horrible. Her eosinophil count is in the "severe" range. But this is not a life threatening disease... just a disease that is a pain to deal with. It's a disease that gives her some uncomfortable symptoms including vomiting, pain after eating from the muscles in her stomach pressing against her esophogus, burning when she lays down, and a general all day tightening of her throat. Her meds have been altered and there will be more doctor visits, calls, and possible food changes. But she is such a light in our lives... we know because she reminds us every day that love is strength and so we are strong.

We all deal with 'things' as parents.  Some, actually many, many much more severe than Eosinophlic Esophogitis.  I just wanted the call to be a good one.  A call that didn't feel like a punch in the stomach.   A call that didn't make me put down the phone and cry  A call that said, "there were no eosinophils.  Keep on keeping on with what you are doing."  A call that didn't make me think, did I let something slip in?  Did I use a non Abigail pot when I cooked her soup?  Maybe I should go check those ingredients for the hundreth time.

But that was not the call this time.  Can I just say here, poor sweet girl of mine.

Bring on the weekend and week two of Advent... here's to take two..


  1. Tara, hugs. Just hugs.
    For you and your sweet little lady.
    And I was easy on yourself...
    A priest once told me that at times in my life, when I fear my prayer life is suffering, to remember that my daily life of mothering IS a form of prayer. And loving and caring for my family is enough sometimes. More than enough.
    Love ya!

  2. Gosh, so sorry to hear about those test results. Darn those blasted tests! Sigh.

    You know, as far as Advent goes, each year is different. This year is definitely a little more stressful for us already. And that's okay.

    As for what you do as a mama, you aren't doing anything wrong. Her little body does things despite your amazing attempts at helping her to cope. God will provide. When we run out of prayers, others take over!

  3. Oh Tara I am so sorry to hear about the test results. I have been praying for your family and will continue to dodo my sweet friend..,,wish I could give you a hug and just sit and cry with you.