Friday, December 19, 2014

And This

My Dad came over tonight to read for the North Pole Party.  He and my Mom love Christmas and love to make their home beautiful at Christmastime.  The drama and theatrics of it all I get from my Dad and the simple, beautiful, elegant... I get that from my Mom.  It's the perfect combination for a holiday I think.

And guess what?  Scott does too.  I sure got blessed with my husband who is just as gooey and happy about Christmas as I am.  We both love, love, love this season.

And I started to gush back here at the end of that post.  But it's been really hitting me lately.  This is our nineteenth married Christmas.  I told him tonight as he swept glitter up off the kitchen floor after helping make my North Pole dreams come true that "Christmas is OUR best season".  Some couples feel the weight of the stress.  We thrive in it all.  We are more in love than any other time of year.  The magic gets us every ~ single ~ time.

There is nothing like Christmas for romance.  (he sent me this song today... told me to listen to it.. swoon I tell you... swoon)

Okay, so this is not my normal post but one day my girls might want to read this blog.  About their life and their mother.  And I want them to know how much I adore their father.  Love is grand. (and yes, we have no problem kissing in front of our girls)

kissing one

Did you listen? Isn't it awesome? That part about "23" I was 23 when we got married... oh I love that song!  Is there nothing better in the world than marriage... nothing compares... nothing!

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