Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec the Halls


This is not the post you think it is... the walk through my Christmas house. For although I start promptly the night before Thanksgiving and work on it each and every day we are not done yet. I would be if I didn't put up six themed trees. I would be if we didn't have to have Christmas getaway weekend. Or a trip to Boston. Or homework... gee wiz... can't there be a National rule for no homework for the month of December?

Right now there are still boxes in my living room. And it's pretty much a mess all over. But we're almost there. With the house that is... still need more snow for my card photo session!

The tree. Well you heard the story of how important this tree is to me. And how is just has to be real. Well real takes a little longer but she's worth it. Her lights are all on and last night we started decorating her. (but didn't finish) Scott and I will finish tonight after little girls are in bed. We let them 'help' just a tad on this tree. Maybe just a few ornaments but this is my "Lord and Taylor" tree and all of the ornaments are super fragile. (Don't worry they have their tree and can decorate it with their ornaments any way they want... mostly) I call my living room tree my "Lord and Taylor" tree because I had a parent drop by my house (before kids and I was teaching first grade at the time) She stood in my doorway and said, "wow! that's a Lord and Taylor tree," so that's what I call it now.

I love her green beaded garland and her Christopher Raddko ornaments.



I promise I'll show you pictures when my living room is done. For now, just the good stuff...



there was music playing.

There were too long (making them look little) Christmas swishy nightgowns among spilled ornament hangers. Footie Jammies on your middle schooler really helps to make her look like she a few years younger.


8 collage

There was dancing, and smiles. Singing and joy.




And then there was bedtime.

Christmas is pockets or moments really. Pockets that fit in each day. It's not just December 25th or even the perfectly decorated home. It's pockets... moments like these. (that help me when I'm still tripping over boxes and the to do list feels like a mile long)



  1. Love this post and the magical pictures...If we do end up making a trip your way this coming summer I would love to have you take pictures of our family. :)