Friday, March 14, 2014

Simple Things

"For it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all..." Laura Ingalls Wilder.  

This plate just because I love it.


It hit 52 once this week... felt like a miracle.


But it was 19 the next day so we were back to this.


But I think winter sunsets are the prettiest. Or maybe it's just because I love cozy nights in my home.


See that school in our backyard just through the fence. Scott used to be an eighth grade teacher there when Anna first came home from China. He'd leave his car in the garage, walk to school right through that gate and be home with us by 2:45. Or I'd carry Anna our baby and a picnic lunch across the field and we'd eat in his classroom.  We barely had enough money to get by but those were the happiest days. These are too!

I have a lot in my kitchen but I love it this way. Every week I take every little thing off, clean and rearrange, change it up, play with what I have.


But tea is a theme that will never go away. And sky blue and red.


Frozen fruit cups... an after school treat for Anna.


Salad at dinner... I love iceberg wedges these days and am always experimenting with what's on them.


Oh and this from Pioneer Woman. A burger on Rye with onions... yum! (if you like onions... Anna and I do!)


Little Abigail home with strep this week.


And our simple things this weekend are a 'just us girls' tonight as daddy is at 'talent night' at his school. Saint Patrick's Day parade in the city tomorrow. Abigail is dancing with her Irish Step class. A simple afternoon with some chores when we get home. Maybe a quick stop at our little library since we can't go in the morning.  A relaxing evening since we'll all be tired from the parade. Church school on Sunday morning early and Mass. Then Scott and I have our March date (and we're leaving the house for this one... it's work for me friends... you know I'd rather be home and cozy running a few loads of laundry), and then ready for the next week. Throw a little homework in the mix, some viola practice, and maybe a family game and I'd say we're at full capacity. Happy and simple. Wishing you all a simple things weekend right along with me. xoxoxo


  1. Hi Tara. My kiddos have been so sick lately that I haven't had a chance to log on and drop by. Just wanted to say hello.

    I just spent a few minutes reading through some of your older posts and saw the one about Abigail's endoscopy. I feel so bad for her…and I do understand…my 6-year old nephew, Eli, is also an EoE kiddo. :( (Eli was also born with some other problems…he survived open heart surgery at 18-monhts when it was discovered that he had a rare congenital heart abnormality that is usually fatal by 4-5 months of age. We consider him our miracle baby!). Eli's diagnosis is rather new…about 6 months old…but his esophagus looked terrible and he has had eating issues since birth! (These issues were associated with his heart problems, but the new doc doesn't think the heart valve problems had anything to do with his eating…it was misdiagnosed EOE.)

    I will be keeping your sweet girl in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure my sister could use some additional prayers too!


  2. Sweet memories of years gone by :) Hope Abigail does a fantastic job at her dance :)

  3. Such a fun post. I have several plates that the kids made with their hand and foot prints.. I LOVE them!
    There you go showing you beautiful kitchen again! Oh to be able to sit in there have enjoy a cup of tea with you!


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