Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dating You Seven ~ Fancy Lunch

Okay, so for this one I cheated a little.  Scott got a gift card to a fancy restaurant in our town.  The kind where there is no ketchup on the table and there are no kids menus.  I think the gift card was siting in his drawer for over a year.  When I was planning these dates I snatched it up knowing it was now or never.  (you know how I hate going out)

So I booked the place, asked for a cozy table (okay, so he called and asked all that stuff the day before) and off we went.  I thought that after church would be a good idea.  Less time for me to change my mind and want to stay cozy at home with the girls.  And bonus... we are already all dressed up from Mass.  Perfect.

Here's what the date card looked like: (& it had the gift card inside) Music 

6 collage

And you all know how I love to take pictures and I don't even mind being in them (who cares anyway?) but taking pictures at a fancy restaurant, well, that's a bit on the stepping out of my comfort zone for me.  But I had to, right?  So they're not fancy (like the place we were at) but here they are...

green cocktails (the best part of the whole lunch... oh my were they tasty!)



I could swear that my hair looked better that day... I'll blame it on awful restaurant lighting.


And being with Scott, talking well that was awesome too!  :)


Dessert shared on one plate... romance! xoxoxo


Here's to date number seven.... phew... am I almost done?  (just kidding)


  1. You two are cut cute! Love the green cocktail!

  2. Sorry that should say... You two are so cute!

  3. Love love love!!!!!
    Think this one is my fave so far.
    And aren't you clever? Planning it right after Mass, when you were dressed and before you had a chance to get all cozy at home? Perfect. I will have to steal that one.
    And you know what? You ALWAYS look beautiful. I mean that. It is just you. Like the beauty in your soul shines through.
    Ok, off to heat up lunch. Have a cozy Wednesday, my dear friend!

  4. love this fancy date!
    and colorful drinks DO make it better!! and being dressed up..with no ketchup on the table!:) haha
    glad you had this time together!
    have a happy day tara