Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chocolate Cafe

On Saturday Anna had the amazing opportunity to play (along with her Inter-Elementary orchestra) with Solisti.  Solisti is the best of the best in our town.  They are a select group of students that tried out from our two high schools in town.  It is actually a very competitive audition process.  They are a nationally and internationally recognized orchestra playing at such places as Carnegie Hall, Westminster Cathedral in London, in Ireland for the Lord Mayor of Dublin, in Austria, and in Italy at the birthplace of Stradivarius.  And let me tell you... just one note in and my mouth hung open.  They were such a treat to hear.

 (oh man I wish I took a picture of Solisti or even the beautiful banner announcing the concert that was hanging in our town green) (How many pictures can I have of Anna wearing a white blouse and a black skirt?)  (oh and more little thing... sneakers on that little girl next to Anna... really?  The high schoolers in Solisti wore a tuxedo and the girls long black flowing dresses.  And even the one behind Anna... black leggings?  For real?) 


And even more of a treat was to see my little girl go up with her viola and join them.  My heart flutters.  Right in front of Anna is the Superintendent of our schools.  Good thing Anna doesn't know :)


It's moments like this though few and far between that make every lesson, group class, concert, rehearsal, and practice at home worth it.


And yes, there was chocolate there.  I brought all kinds of special chocolate baked goods for Abigail but when she saw this cake she wanted it.  So I took a picture of it, went home and that night we all had it for dessert.



I love window light (and little sisters)




I'm so proud of you Anna. You do things I can't imagine doing at your age and your viola sings to my heart. xo mommy


  1. so sweet tara!
    what an honor and what a memory she will have of that day!
    a chocolate cafe sounds like my kind of place!!:)
    and the light on the girls by the window is just beautiful!! makes me want to get my "real" camera out...not that they'd looks like that or anything!!:)
    have a happy day

  2. Way to go, Anna!! Someday, when she is grown and famous, I'll have to buy her music (or artwork)!

  3. What wonderful memories she will have with your beautiful pictures.
    The Chocolate Café...such a fun name.
    Hope you are having a good week after your long weekend Tara.