Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chocolate Is My Water Today

I just texted my friend that title, "chocolate is my water today" and then I thought that would be a great blog post for what I'm feeling about today.

Today is a weird day.  I'm home with Abigail who has strep for the second time in two weeks.  She's still in her jammies and I'm still in my cleaning clothes.  Gosh, I hope no one rings the doorbell.

Anna is in school going straight to Inter-El and it's not my turn for the carpool (I'm still getting used that that word and actually carpooling) so I'm actually home the whole day.  Car in the garage going no where.  It's on a day like this that I realize just home much driving around I do.

Like yesterday for example.  Drive them to school.  Drive to the grocery store.  Drive back to school because one is sick.  Drive to school for the third time because the school day is over.  Drive to viola lessons.  Drive home.  Drive the town wide art show because she has her art work on display and today is the opening gala.  Drive home.  Drive to orchestra.  Drive to the pediatrition.  Drive home.  Today my keys are happy to take a nap.

Insert I lost my train of thought and forgot where this post was going.

Last night Scott and I stayed up late.  We got the biopsy results back and they were shocking, disappointing, and down right crummy.   I've cried a bit, got mad a bit and prayed on my knees that God would turn this into something wonderful.  We have two daughters that both have problems we can't fix.  We can't take them away.  But we can give them to the One who knows and he can turn them around for good.  We believe and hang on to his promises.

This song Scott made me listen to today.  It's perfect.  I'll take another step.  And another step.  And another step. And even though my steps feel weak He is strong.  I can feel His strength.  We walk by faith and not by sight.  We trust God and take another step.

vertical photo with splash of color

And have some chocolate.

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  1. And I will walk with you, my friend...
    Holding your hand in my heart...
    I'm always here for you. : )


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