Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Snapshot

She pulls a book off of the coffee table. Finds the sunniest spot on the couch and "reads". This one is a bit too hard for her but on some pages she makes her way though the hard words. And then she goes into telling her own version of the Three Bears. I love those stories best.


I watch this whole process. Amazed I am with 'learning to read'. I've watched it for years and years. First in my own little first grade classroom as the teacher and now with my own two daughters. And I'm always amazed how it happens in little chunks; bits and pieces. Some like her sister are afraid to make a mistake so they hold off. Other's like this little sister who sits in the sunny spot on the couch is afraid of nothing. She reads and reads even if it doesn't make sense. She makes it make sense. She loves books. She learned from the best that for sure. Thank you big sister Anna.


I've been on an organizing binge this weekend. I started with a little closet and then a bookshelf. We pitched three huge black garbage bags from Anna's closet alone. And it took over the whole top floor of my house so I just went with it inspired by the Holiday season that's so close I can almost taste it. Now that I've called a "I've had enough of this organizing it's time to paint my nails their Thanksgiving color (which would be Chocolate Moose by OPI) and turn on the fire. It's here girlfriends, can't ya just taste it?"  


  1. Love a brand new reader, Tara...

    And I love some pre holiday organizing and purging too...

    It's here, my dear sweet friend! Eeeeek!

  2. Yes, it is finally here…Thanksgiving is upon us and that means the unofficial start to the Holiday Season! We've started decorating early…b/c 25 days is just not enough in this house! Hugs!

    P.S. Yes, I love new readers! I never got to teach the real littles…but I am now getting to experience it with my own kiddos. For Mary Catherine…it just clicked. Sight words…phonics…reading and writing… But for Benjamin…it's been more of a struggle. We are making progress though and I always remember how after Christmas Break I am just amazed at the amount of growth that occurs away from the classroom.


  3. I just love watching them learn and then love to read. We went to the library on Sunday and Juliana came home with a bag full of books and she can not put them down.

  4. oh that light!! and oh that sweet reader!!
    love these moments tara.
    treasures for sure!

    I was on a crazy pitch and ditch thingy too. I told everyone if it sits still long enough it might get thrown out!! sometimes I just look around and think....ahh there is too much STUFF!!!!! I want to see empty spaces! I crave it! must be the holidays coming...we are making room for more...STUFF!!:) haha

    have a happy day tara


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