Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kitchen Love

Last week Scott painted the kitchen...

oh yeah, that's why I bake...for that pinky up, eyes closed... I love you Abigail 

it's my favorite room in the house and I he knows just how much it means to me to have a fresh coat of paint on the walls of my favorite room.

Although it's subtle I have light blue and red theme in my kitchen (intermixed with floral) It's not like red, white and blue. Not that kind of blue. It's hard to tell in the pictures but it's a light powder blue and i love it.


It doesn't cost much at all but I feel like a fresh coat of paint goes such a long way to keep a kitchen cheery and updated. Our kitchen it's fancy. We don't have granite counters or stainless steel appliances. Our hard wood floors are worn form years of toddler play and little kids toys; and although we've talked about shiny new hardwood floors I kind of like the scuffs. (as long as it's clean)

The cabinets are a lovely light cream but so worn out from my ten years as a stay at home mom. I say I'd rather worn out cabinets and be home wearing them out than be an executive and have custom cabinets that never get used. But that's just me.

Recently we redid the little wall over the tea table. Scott took down the collection of six frames and we put up this sign (love), a framed photo of the two of us and a (wait for it... ready... swoon... ) canvas!!!!!


banana woopie pies... amazing... recipe soon


Oh when that big box arrived I was so excited.


It's perfect for the kitchen; it's fall and Christmas all mixed together. I could look at it everyday, even in hot July.


I still have my babies portraits from in their Baptism gowns. (those will never ever come down)



We never lack for home baked goods here (my grandma's plate)




And yes, I still have a dishwasher that needs emptying, a full sink that needs to be loaded and paperwork to sort though on the counters. But these walls and of course the memories within them, they make me happy.


Tea time with my love after bedtime... (sounds romantic but usually we're working downstairs in the playroom getting this little photography business off the ground... maybe we shouldn't be working in the basement... ha!  get it?)


  1. Your kitchen is perfect...perfect for baking, perfect for family memories...

    Your new wall is beautiful!!!!

    The canvas looks amazing, my friend...

    Working in the basement, huh??? ; )

    Enjoy your weekend, my dear friend...

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the soft play of colors…and I understand what you mean…not "Americana red, white, and blue", but the softer play of powder blue with red and whites…love it!

  3. Such a beautiful kitchen....
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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