Friday, November 1, 2013

Faith Filled Friday ~ Blessed

Today I'm feeling very blessed.  But I also know that I am blessed even when I don't FEEL that way.  I'm just happy that I can feel it today, ya know?

I was at the girls school this morning; first grade math centers.  One little girl in my group cried.  And I said, "can I give you hug?"  She let me and wiped her tears away.  Cute kids tired and cranky from being up too late and too much candy.  BLESSED...  to give a hug to a little girl who needed one.

On my way out I was walking down the hallway and I got to have a little chat with my favorite Kindergarten teacher...  BLESSED

My mind was going through all of the things I had to do; errands on my way out of school.  And I almost walked by a very quiet fifth grade class.  I spotted one of Anna's friends and then Anna first in line just standing there.  My heart leaped.  And I think I did that quick, happy surprised breath.  My arms went out to her and I think I held on to our hug too long for a fifth grader.

It put such a smile on my face to see her.  BLESSED... to feel so filled up by just seeing my girl unexpectedly.  Oh to be a mother who feels do deeply.  It's a gift from God and I know that I was BLESSED that my heart leaped.

Yesterday, Halloween, we were on our way to my parents to trick or treat.  Me, alone with girls in the car.  Later, after our visit we'd be driving back home to do our neighborhood trick or treating with daddy.  But we've never ever skipped seeing my parents on Halloween.  We were just pulling off the exit.  One little mile to go.... "mommy, I'm going to throw up."  Anna gets car sick if it's one moment past 30 minutes.  In fact if it a minute past a 30 minute ride she has to take medicine.  The drive to my parents is just at that mark.

I was quick with the bag... but not quick enough.  Wearing her costume, no bag, and the brand new car... let's just say a mess.  And do you know her first words,  "Abigail lean away... it's allergic"  Gross, I know but she thought of her sister first.  BLESSED.

I called my dad from the road to not wait inside for his granddaughters to ring the doorbell so he could act surprised by their visit as they always do.  I told him to come right out with lots of paper towels. When we pulled up he was out there with towels, a huge wet/dry vac and a bucket of cleaning solution.  The girls jumped out of the car and he went to work; seats removed, carpet scrubbed; no trace of anything.  And my dad can clean a car like no one I know.  He did it with a smile on his face while Anna hopped in the shower. I felt 10 years old again; all taken care of. And it felt good;  my dad's unconditional love in action.  BLESSED.  

I'm grateful for feeling this way.  And I'm grateful for even those days when I don't FEEL blessed but know I am.

Later that night with her costume cleaned, back in our neighborhood, trick or treating... 

~ Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.  ~


  1. Oh my gosh! What a great dad you have there! That sounds like something my dad would have done. And the allergic comment…so sweet and cute…even in a gross moment :)

  2. Oh Tara!

    What a beautiful post! And what an awesome Dad you have. : )

    So happy it all worked out and your night was happy.

    That last photo is beautiful...

    I am inspired yet again, my friend...inspired to remember all my blessings.

  3. Your poor daughter!!! And what an awesome dad you have!!! I'm so glad that it all worked out in the end. Thanks for the reminders of all the little reasons we are blessed. BTW…I returned to work (P/T) and have the blessing of teaching in my children's parochial school! I totally get what you are saying…I have walked past my son and daughter's classrooms a million times…and I still get giddy with excitement when I catch a glimpse of their sweet blonde heads. Hugs.

  4. oh poor sweet anna!
    I had no idea:(
    blessed for sure tara.
    in so many ways.
    and one of the biggest...that you even noticed all these little blessings...that is a HUGE blessing for sure!

    I am blessed to know you and to call you my friend!

    have a happy day tara