Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oh This Day


I've been blessed to have been busy this fall with my little photography business.  But it's thrown me and just the little bit I haven't been able to be with my girls have made me miss them like crazy.  Boy, oh boy... Scott and I have been working late at night after the girls are in bed on the 'business' end of things.  It's been fun having him as my partner in all the nuts and bolts of starting a business.  But we sure are tired and ready for a 'holiday break'.  I'm no longer taking new clients until after the New Year.  We have a lot to 'finish up' with editing, viewing, ordering and the such but I'm confident that we'll finish up soon to start enjoying all of that red and green that will be here before we know it!

On to missing my girls... I was so excited on Tuesday when the girls had Election Day off here.  I planned on spending the whole day with them.  All of it!  And we did.

We headed out the door with my camera with plans of finding a Christmas Card location.  That didn't exactly happen but I had so much fun on this little 'session' with my girls.  The joy of photography that was starting to escape me was quickly filled up by the reason (two) I started loving my camera in the first place.



And we captured these.



Sweet joy

collage 6



And love between sisters



We shopped at a bookstore and they each picked out a book.  We took our time and I didn't rush them.  That was a present to me.  I was soaking in it I tell you.


We had lunch out (huge for us)  at a cool organic pizza place that actually makes a safe pizza for Abigail to eat.  (amazing for us)



A quick few errands on the way home and then we used our water colors.



It was a perfect day; just what we all needed.  They only part that was missing was Scott but I loved having them all to myself.

It was a gift of a day.




  1. Hi Tara. Lovely photograph as usual! Such incredible beauty captured by your lens…both the girls and nature!

    Also, I wondered if you are familiar with the app "AllergyEats"? AllergyEats (is on Facebook) was started by one of my closest friend's husband (Paul Antico). They live outside of Boston in Cohasset. AllergyEats is an app that provides parents of highly allergic kiddos with allergy-friendly restaurant info. Muffy (my dear friend from high school in STL) and her husband, Paul, started the organization after they were frustrated with limited restaurant choices for some of their highly allergic kiddos (they've got 5!). Check them out on Facebook for more info! Muffy is a dear, dear friend…we love to hook up in the Lou when we both return home to visit our parents (and have free babysitting! *wink*)


  2. Here you go…a link to the actual organization website…


  3. happy for your beautiful, happy day!

    Your photography is wonderful...stunning.

    You are truly gifted, my sweet friend.

    And your girls made them all even better!

    Have a nice evening! : )

  4. what a day for sure!!
    your photos are just beautiful!
    love that bundled up look.
    cozy colorful and fun!

    and the bookstore and lunch out topped it off.

    love it all tara
    have a happy day