Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Few Days Before Thanksgiving


A few thoughts first...
~ I try and will myself to remember things that one day I know I won't remember.

~ Like how Abigail said, "Happy Thanksgiving Mable"  in her singsongy sweet voice at dismissal.

~ Or how her Kindergarten teacher said to me at dismissal, "Abigail tells me that her Grandma makes the best stuffing."

~ Or the way Anna bounced into the car after helping with her Safety Patrol telling us "Happy Thanksgiving"

~ And even in their "giving tree" the made out of construction paper and taped on the playroom wall with bags filled with drawings and little gifts from around the house for the people they love.

~ In their short lives so far they know that tomorrow is a special day.  They feel it too.  And in some ways I can check that off my list of things this mama wanted to teach her daughters.  How to love, really love, deep down love every single holiday.  How to make yourself feel warm and fuzzy about them.  How to work hard to make the details and create the magic.  My mom taught me that.  Over and over and over she taught me that.

Okay... a few thoughts done (back to the post I was planning writing)

I had a little one home with a fever on Monday.

(You'd keep her home if your 6 year old looked like that in the morning, right?)

There's not much time for anything when she's sick.  Just some laundry in a place I don't usually fold it.


And cuddles in bed in the middle of the day (yes I should feel bad she's sick but down deep I love these days)


Lots of baby doll play in your nightgown





And more cuddles from daddy when he gets home.


Oh, and what else was this week?  The last of the pumpkin shirts and dresses were worn all week.  As they will be packed away for the red and green clothes coming out soon.



Today they had a short day of school so I baked, cooked, cleaned and got everything ready.

Tomorrow we go to my parents for a lovely Thanksgiving.  They live just a half hour away and mom makes a magical meal, start to finish.  They'll be a fire in the fireplace and wine in glasses.  My moms famous stuffing and mashed potatoes galore.  She's been hosting Thanksgiving forever and she has perfected it.  They'll be cousins to play with and a baby nephew to hold.  The shoes are shinned, the long church coats chosen and ready to go.  Let the Holiday begin! 

(Just realized that she can turn this on to the Christmas music herself) 

Certainly not perfect, but we're happy.  Love my new bookmark Anna.


The weekend before Thanksgiving Scott and I always watch Trains, Planes and Automobiles (ya know the one where Steve Martin tires to get home for Thanksgiving?)




  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thankful for YOU! : )

  2. oh I love those little memories you added at the beginning...I had a list of those two I was trying to remember thanksgiving day...but the time I got to the post they were gone!!:(

    you are raising some lovely mamas in the making and I love that!
    they love life just like you!

    thankful for you sweet friend!!