Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy Body

This Weekend I....

* ran with tissues in my hand for one little six year old that will have her cold til April
* drank decaf hot cinnamon spice tea with Scott... a lot
* did 'take one' of our Christmas Card photo shoot (oh it would have been perfect... all 548 I took except for the wardrobe issue)
* taught first grade church school class all about the Holy Family
* cooked homemade mac n cheese
* edited two precious boys family photos
* met dear friends for breakfast... all of us
* bought the girls their ornaments for this year (ohh and few other decorations) that they'll receive promptly on Thanksgiving Day
* Bought the wrapping paper for the season the kind you have to hide far away from eyes  (couldn't help myself)
* drank more tea
* listened to viola practice for both of them.. a lot
*ironed the Thanksgiving dresses (that makes me giddy)
*fixed the wardrobe malfunction so that I can take another 548 photos for the Christmas card next weekend
* planned a Christmas weekend in New England trip with Scott for all us coming in December

went for a run with Anna (we're training to run a 5K together)


watched Daddy and Abigail vacuum the car and put the new winter mats in


baked this fall goodness


And with all this fall wonderfulness comes an urgency in the air.  I've noticed my breaths are a bit quicker.  Oh I look forward to it all year but right about this time I feel a tightening of my throat.  The to do list that's not on paper starts to swirl in my head.  I push it aside knowing that it's still mid or even early November.  I don't worry about the gifts yet or the perfect tree that someone might see before I do at our favorite tree farm.  It's more like...

* should we go to the Nutcracker again this year?  Or maybe not since we're don't something else Christmassy...

* should I have put them in their matching dresses that I bought for the card or did I make a good last second decision to put Abigail in the red?  (I tell you, it woke me up last night... I bought them matching dresses and then took 548 photos in different dresses)

* Should I put a new tree up in the dining room?  If so, how to convince Scott to buy yet another tree?  (I've got this whole winter wonderland theme in my head for the dining room... and thought it could stay up all of January) 

* Should I have really started taking all of those Christmassy novels out at the library to get me in the mood when really it's just got my mind a swirling? 

I suppose that this 'most wonderful time of year' that is approaching is simply all of that swirling and more.  I'll take it all.  Every last bit of it! 

But this week I will do this to remember to soak in November...


* use the pretty soap that makes me take my time

* paint my nails a deep fall color that only looks good in November

 (watching her put her lip balm on before bed) 

* text Scott to pick up some fallish grocery store bouquet on the way home (so far I've never gotten a no)


* dig through my old CDs to listen to deep relaxing Frank Sinatra type music

(clothes lined up for Monday morning... may she never grow out of polka dot tights, a magenta jumper and a mint green turtleneck) 

* get up an extra 10 minutes early to read my Bible.

Happy Sunday night everyone!  It's going to be a Busy Body Slow Down Week!


Look what I found?  Someone else is jumping into the season a bit early too.  Like mother like daughter...



  1. Love your weekend, recap, Tara! Grateful for a day off from school this week for Veteran's Day! Hugs

  2. Love this, Tara!

    All of it...

    And I too am beginning to feel that stress... November needs to slow down!

  3. The thing that really caught my eye here were the Christmas ornaments :) Isn't picking out the perfect one the best?! Ever since our kids were babies, we have Santa deliver a Christmas ornament (sometimes two) each year in their stockings. Such a great tradition, in my opinion, to have the kids leave the nest with a trunk load of special ornaments :)


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