Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Well, this was the first Halloween we actually had on Halloween here.  Back in 2011 we had no power for 9 days.  In 2012 there was Hurricane Sandy.... so this was a big year for us!

The girls chose to be Mary and Laura.  But don't ask them which was which since they couldn't agree.  So they were both just "mary and laura" 

I found the costumes on line but had to sew them both a bit... and Abigail's more than just a bit.  Can ya tell?  It was like ten sizes too big! 

We did this little photo shoot at a nearby farm.  I just had to, right? 

3 blur

17 blur

20 blur

And then on Halloween before school I had a little card and a little gift for them (just a little tin of chapsticks)



So then off to school they went.  Anna didn't get to wear her costume but she did have a fun field trip that day.  Abigail got to wear her costume and as I was getting them out the door that morning I pulled out this coat, perfect!


Man, am I going to miss this coat when it doesn't fit her soon. Love this coat!


All lined up and ready for school; prairie school that is!  Now that would have been fun!


After school we headed straight to my parents house.  I wrote all about that back here.



And then on to trick or treating here at home. 


It was warm, unseasonably warm and it felt like magic.  Maybe because we hadn't had Halloween in three years in our own neighborhood.  Everyone was out.  There was a buzz of child chatter and the crunch of leaves. 

We're not candy crazy.  So only a few houses for us.



And when Abigail came in she gave us all of her candy and traded it in (she's allergic to everything except some and only some lollipops) for "princess pets".  I was so proud of her going from house to house saying, "I hope I get a lot of allergic so my present will be really great!"  We kept telling her that the more allergic she got the bigger her gift would be.  (of course it was already all picked out and bought)

Happy as can be!

Next morning I tore down everything jackolanternish, left up the fall that didn't have a trace of Halloween and took out all of the turkeys. 

It's Thanksgiving time... hooray! 


  1. Your girls would make Laura herself proud Tara...

    So glad you had a Halloween this year, my friend! : )

  2. love love love the costumes!! mary? laura? whoever they are they are precious!! (and bitty baby as sweet pea is pretty cute too!:))
    so glad you all finally got this night! I can imagine the buzz and chatter and you described it perfectly.
    love the chap stick gift...perfect.
    and we are not candy people either...that's way we walk around the big block...less houses more walking!!;) I end up throwing more then half of it out anyway...or sending it to work with dave!!:)
    have a happy day tara

    sorry I have been so out of touch here...promising to catch up!!!:)

    I always read...just usually don't have the extra few to comment:)

  3. Loved your post today! I bet Trick or Treating was such special experience for so many in your neck of the woods! And then to have such beautiful weather, too!!! Perfect! The little coat is to die for…just loved it on your daughter…it looked so perfectly prairie! And the Westie is just precious!!! Is that you're parents' dog? I grew up with a Westie. Bonnie was such a dearly loved family pet of ours!!! Hugs.

  4. Oh I just love all your pictures but those last three are just beautiful!!