Thursday, June 28, 2012

So I Don't Forget

There was so much going on in May and June... event after event. But some moments... the every day ones are the sweetest for sure.

Anna's last Art School. This was her fifth year in this Saturday morning art program. Tiny school, exceptional teachers and direction given. Anna has been with her friend Leah all this time and we are so happy that she has such a special friendship. They share a love of art, play dates, adoption, and life.



Me with my goddaughter Maddie. Love that teeny tiny girl!


Then there was this cool discovery in our town... a Hot Dog Stand!!! Now I know that's not exciting to the average person but to Abigail who is allergic to dairy, soy, fish, and nuts this was better than Disneyland! Walking near the store I saw that the umbrella said the brand of hot dog that Abigail could eat. I wish I had a picture of her face when I asked her if she wanted a 'hot dog stand' hot dog for lunch (that she wasn't allergic to) Then I explained that the roll (or 'holder' as she calls it) would probably be allergic so she'd just get the hot dog. But after checking the ingredients I was over the moon that she could have that too. What a special treat!!! She couldn't wait to eat it until she got home so that too hot hot dog made her eyes water.

hot dog

Abigail's favorite preschool friends (taken before the year ended). These are the friends that she talked about the most. (I think it was because they were so much fun to be with and loved her)

abi special friends

And last but not least... we were able to get together with some friends in NH this past weekend. This is Anna and Olivia. Now fourth graders but once babies together in China. Oh how God is so good!


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