Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day and Back to Blogging

It's been so long since I've uploaded my photos, edited them, and gotten my memories here on this blog that I've almost forgotten how!  June should not be like this.  I kept thinking in late May as programs were winding down down that we'd have more free time at home.  Abigail's birthday party ended and I could breathe a sigh of relief but I just went right into planning Anna's birthday party (not yet blogged).  That ended and I thought "okay... two over the top awesome birthday parties for my girls done within two weeks... I can relax now..."  But there were concerts, last this, last that, changes of schedule.  And to add to it June is a very busy time for a husband who is an elementary school principal.  He has all of his school events on top of all of ours. 

But one thing I know for sure is that Anna's last day is TOMORROW!  And we are doing nothing, absolutely NOTHING all day on Thursday.  I want to soak in the best day of summer... the first with my girls. I look forward to the last day of school the moment they walk out the door on the first day of school.  I'm excited!  Excited about my house buzzing with little girls voices all day long.  Excited about hearing the mud room door open and slam closed all day long.  Excited about being a stay at home mom still and being able to shout out a million times a day..."take off your shoes when you come in girls... and WHAT is that dirt all over you?  Please go wash your hands."  Oh I can't wait!

I wasn't sure what to start with on my list of waiting in line photos.  But then I knew... Father's Day. 


It's such a sweet day to remind me of how blessed I am in my life.  My dad for sure.  I adore him.  He lights up the room, makes my daughters beam when he comes over, is always happy, loves his family, adores his grandchildren, and so much more. 

And I'm blessed to have the best daddy for my daughters.  I know that who God places in a family through adoption and though birth is not a coincidence.  It is His part of his master plan. And boy, did He ever get it right with  Scott as Anna and Abigails' dad. 


Two daughters.  Scott is meant to be a daddy to little girls. He adores little girl things with them; his daughters dressed in dresses, ribbons, and bows.  He loves the silly little girl giggles, and all of the little things that a life with daughters brings.  He is meant to be a daddy with daughters. 


Two daughters with special needs. Anna with her issues related to the trauma of living in an orphanage for over a year and Abigail with her health problems.  These girls were hand picked by God to be with Scott.  He knowledge of children, his dedication to children, his patience, his rational way, his deep empathy for their story makes him the perfect daddy for them. 


I am blessed.  Anna Jiang Qian is blessed.  Abigail Mei is blessed.  I may 'stay home' and not have to divide my time with family and a job but I couldn't do it without him.


He is a hands on daddy.  Full of hugs, cuddles, bedtime stories, make up stories, kisses, and compliments.  He laughs with them, has fun with them, teaches them, and adores them.  He holds their hands, talks with them, listens, and when he is home he is home for us.  And we feel it. 


Unfortunately this Father's Day Scott was sick.  I felt bad.. he could barely open his gifts.  But he put on his best smile if just for a few minutes and gave his girls some sweet moments. 


Then we headed to the beach to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  It was a fun family day for sure. 



Boy.. it feels good to be back! 

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