Monday, June 4, 2012


It was a fun weekend for the girls for sure! Lot's of happiness, playing and family time. I'll start with the BIG NEWS!!!

Can you guess?


Yes, we put away the little red tricycle and put on the training wheels to Anna's bike (outgrown this summer... we'll be shopping for a new one)


When she got on she was a tiny bit unsure of herself. But it only took a minute and an awesome big sister to convince her that this way of traveling was much better!

I gave Anna a little talk ahead of time telling her to help me make a fuss out of a "hand me down" bike. I wanted her to remember that she'd always get the new bike and Abigail would always get Anna's. Well, I didn't need to worry at ALL! Abigail was of course THRILLED to get "Anna's bike". She was jumping up and down as her Daddy was cleaning it up for her. She actually said so cute (and screaming all excited) "Now you can go and get a new bike for yourself Anna and I have this new bike which was your bike!!!" Love that!

Anna amazed us as she took over teaching Abigail the two wheeler with training wheels basics. We actually ran back in for the video camera to take Anna. I would say there could be a teaching career in her distant future. We'll see.


She was so nurturing and caring. It melted my heart!


And once she knew that Abigail was ready to try it on her own she wasn't far behind.


We were so proud of our little five year old bike rider! Can't wait to get out there with you!



  1. Great job Abigail!!
    Oh I just love the shot of her little red sneakers and tiny feet on those pedals. How precious!And that smile says it all!
    Looks like a fun summer is under way!


  2. Found you from Sara's blog. Love the name of your blog and your beautiful pictures!

  3. what a milestone!!! janey always got riley's old bikes too...till she outgrew her!!:)
    now we have an attic full waiting for aubrey!:)
    seeing the olders teach and nurture the youngers is amazing!!
    way to go abigail!!

    think your girls would like to be penpals with my girls???;)