Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Don't you love them?  I love to surprise Anna and Abigail.  Even if it's just a little one. 

This one was fun!  Anna's canopy bed lost it's canopy almost a year ago... I couldn't stand the fabric it was made out of.  The moment I washed and ironed it (hours) and hung it, it was already all wrinkled and dirty looking.  It drove me crazy!  One day I just took it off and threw it out. 

So on my 'to do list' for way too long was to figure out a new canopy. The idea of sheers (curtains) popped into my head while cooking one morning.  I rushed to the mall, found them on super sale and bought them.  Perfect!  (well, except that the pillows and the sheets got a bit messed up with me standing on the bed to hang them.)

How I love to surprise her! 

She loves how the curtains shut her completely in when she's reading or going to sleep. 

I love to surprise her!


  1. How totally totally sweet!!
    Surprising our little angels is so much fun isn't it?
    Love Anna's room. PBKids bedding right?? I can sit and drool over one of their catalogs for hours!!
    Have a happy day

    cute story with the footprints on the table...

  2. I think these are some of my favorite pictures of anna. The smile is so genuine, relaxed... so happy :) Makes me smile!

  3. Great idea! Wonderful pictures! So much joy!! Love her smile and enthusiasm!