Friday, March 11, 2011

PJ Day at Preschool

She was so excited about her PJ day at school.  Perfect for this week since it was such a rainy grey week around here.  I only took these few pictures the whole week. 

Next week I'll do better.  A bit under the weather this week.  Boy it's so hard to do all that I do around here feeling sick.  (I know you all know what I mean, just all that mommy stuff sick is tough)  Anyway busy also planning Anna's First Holy Communion.  Wanting every detail to be perfect (wish I wasn't like that) and with Scott's trip to China thrown in there, it all makes me a bit stressed.  PS.  He's going to start a 'sister school' there.  We're all so excited for him but will miss him oh so much.  It's the first time anyone has been back after our trip to China to adopt Anna.  A part of my heart belongs there.  Wish we were all going... 

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  1. Em has pajama day tomorrow in 1st grade :) she is so excited!!!!!!