Monday, March 14, 2011

40 days 40 bags update

40 days... more like 140 bags for our family!  I loved Sara's idea since I love organization.  How hard could it be to reorganize my already organized house.  It'll be fun!  And, I thought, it'll finally get me to do my closet and Scott's shop which are true disaster areas.  So I divided up each little nook and crany of our house.  (the attic alone being 16 days... there's that much up there) And we started! 

We made it a family lent project.  Each area (46) are written on cards in a bag.  Anna and Abigail take turns each morning choosing a card.  I've been doing just a bit while they're at school but most of it is as a team.  Although it would have been easier for me to clean (and pitch) up Anna's closet alone, doing it with her was so rewarding.  She couldn't stop thanking me for days.  She said things like, "mommy, thank you so much for helping me find so many special things."  "Mommy, I just love my new closet; I know where everything is!" 

Even Scott (who wouldn't let me take his picture) said, "finally, you found a way for me to really clean up my shop," as he attacked the "clean under the stairs and paint cans" card on the weekend. 

Sometimes when I feel stressed I just want to go stand in the areas that are done.   Ahh! 

Anna's closet
One little bit of Scott's shop
One tiny, tiny little bit of the attic (we need to rent a dumpster for that) 
Living room
Dining room

Abigail peeking around the corner

the "before" prending to be happy that we were about to tear apart her closet and throw a bunch of her stuff out

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  1. So adorable! Doesn't it feel so great to get organized! My list is growing of to do's but I'm waiting some for a nice spring day to throw open the windows and clean really well as we go!

    Have a great day!


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