Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kit Sunday

Sunday was a rainy day here and we decided to pull out a kit that Anna got as a gift only to find out that there were over a DOZEN kits waiting.  You know those kits, the ones that girls always get for their birthday parties.  We found on her bedroom shelf, make your own cupcake soap, create butterfly wings, make puppets, paint and grow your own garden and so much more.  What were we waiting for?  I pictured myself cleaning out her closet when she is away at college and finding all of these unopened kits.  What a shame.  So we declared Sunday kit day in our house.  We gathered them all together.  (All of Anna's and Abigail's.. now we're up to over 20) and chose the first one. 

Rule Number One:  It doesn't matter who got the kit as a present.  We do it together as a family.

Rule Number Two:  We do the WHOLE kit, not make one cupcake soap and plan on doing the other soaps another day.  (or I'll be making cupcake soap and sending it to Anna in college)  Make them all and throw the box away!

Rule Number Three:  Have fun! And we really did have fun.  Can't wait til next Sunday! 

Anna made this rainbow soap from the leftovers.  So cool! 

So why were all of these kits piling up and never opened.  Although Anna loves how they look on the box she's just not going to open one on her own.  She'd never be the one to come home from school and say, "mommy, can we make that caterpillar mobile?"  She's much more of a create her own kind of fun kind of girl.  And I like that better anyway.  But once we opened one and got started she loved it! 


  1. Goodness, we have quite a bit of those little kits too. I love your rules...finish it all!! Perfect!
    Have a happy night

    Haven't gotten that silly Clinique thing yet...they are ALL sold out!! rats!!

  2. These turned out so adorable! I agree we have tons of kits too we try to work through.

    Have a wonderful day!!



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