Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Saint Patrick's Day!

We had so much fun making these for Abigail's preschool. 

My silly girls on St. Patrick's day!  I love how Abagail looks at Anna this way all the time.  She is adored!

Yes, the cookies slipped right off the little stand seconds after this! 

Makes me smile, "Irish Princess!"  ?  She tells us that she one pinch Irish.  "Sure," I tell her.  Just as much as our redhead Abigail is one pinch Chinese.  Although that's true a bit.  Chinese is in our hearts. 

If we'd let her this little Irish princess would exist on frosting and elelcare (her formula) alone.  If only...

I love all of these little happy days tucked into a regular week.  Just a bit of extra joy... and frosting!


  1. Frosting makes everything better doesn't it!!:)
    Love the "little pinches".
    Totally dropped the ball on this little holiday...oops!! We did make rainbows, does that count?!?!:)
    Have a happy night

  2. These pictures are wonderful!! Those cupcakes sure look yummy! Enjoy!



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