Friday, September 3, 2010


A look back at a fantastic summer.  What great ages Anna and Abigail were.  Sometimes I feel sad that I'll never have them 7 and 3 again.  How I love all ages and stages.  I'm never one to say, "remember Anna at 2 1/2"  "oh, I hated 3..."  I can't stand when people do that.  In fact I don't even comprehend that.  Children are children and are great at every age.  I'm soaking every day in; every blessed moment I get to be their mommy.  (and yes, they still both say mommy) So here are some of my favorite shots from the fabulous summer of 2010. 

On the last day of first grade

That flock of 3 year old strawberry curls

Our trip to the Bronx Zoo with our precious and fun friends the Cunhas

A day at the beach (with all the princesses of course)  (yucky CT sand, I'd rather be in Hawaii)

Afternoons reading:  Anna and I spent hours reading together this summer.  Everyday while Abigail napped we read.  Sometimes I read to her but mostly we each read our own book.  Anna would make the same cozy reading area for us to share each day.  She would even get my book out for me and my highlighter since I'm always using that while I read.  I love how this summer she really discovered the joy of reading for pleasure. 

I could post all of the happy moments but this is a major part of our lives.  Abigail's Eosinaphilic Esophogitis.  This July was her 6th endoscopy. I'm used to it now.  She's used to it now.  But we shouldn't be.  This July the inflammation should have low, but it wasn't.  We learn, we adjust, we know that a day will come when she will be healed. 

More summer to come. 

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