Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pickin Raspberries

Isn't it apple picking month?  I mean really!  My house is all decd out with an apple theme.  I've got Mac apple candles burning in the kitchen and everything.  But Scott said that he wanted to go Raspberry Picking today.  And boy did the girls have fun.  Just happened to have my camera in the car... really... I didn't plan on bringing it.  Got some cute shots! 

How I love this one with Anna peering into her Raspberry bucket and Abigail holding hers up to the sun. 

Even though I love the composition of the photos above, this one is one of my best.  Love how Anna found a pen on the stand and HAD to have her name on her bucket (is it called a bucket or something else?)

Abigails's little hands. 

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