Thursday, September 2, 2010

Storyland (part 3)

Everyone who knows me know what a huge Disney fan I am.  I mean there's nothing like taking those first steps into the Magic Kingdom down "main street".  Or stepping into the grand lobby of the Disney Cruise (okay, now I'm missing it a bit...)  but we really loved this park.  Even without the magic of Disney it had its own magic.  It was very pretty and we felt relaxed.  We truly enjoyed just being with our girls. Not rushing, and just having fun. 

And Scott picked a great hotel with 3 pools.  Anna and Abigail were in heaven!  We stayed at the Grand Hotel in North Conway.  Would have loved more time. 

Loved the circus they had.  Scott bought the girls light up butterfly wands. 

Love this one of Abigail enjoying the circus.  (I'm always taking pictures of her when she's eating because its pure joy to see her eat without begging her to)

This one is for you Abigail.  I wish Elia was here for this show.  She would have loved it too!

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