Thursday, September 30, 2010

Real Life

How dare I give her a homemade apple muffin with cinnamon sugar crumble topping for breakfast! 
Who would ever want that? 
Such agony! 
But his is real life.  Real life for Abigail. 
She cries at breakfast.  lunch.  dinner.  and a few snacks in between.  Despite the 'bakery of a kitchen' that we have around here, she just hates to eat. 
We all know why but it's so hard. 
Just once, just once I'd love to see her pick up anything, anything and take a bite... but for now we'll do this. 
I can do hard. 

1 comment:

  1. have to be honest.. those are amazing pictures of her.. I love them... i love any picture that shows the "realness" of children. I have 6 back to school pictures of Michael, all with a hand covering his face. Did not want to go, so if he wasnt in the picture it never happened :) She is a beautifull little girl :)