Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Refections (part 2)

I want to remember how little they are.  How Anna stands tall.  How Abigail holds her hands like a toddler still.

See... baby hands still.

How much Anna loves the camera and loves to pose like a princess.

Those strawberry curls.

How close they are.  Sisters by Gods grace.  How much they love each other and are truly best friends. 

I 'll remember from this little photo shoot how much Anna wanted to bring home every rose, and how I'd only let her take a few (and only from the ground).  She brought them home and floated them in her little China dishes.  She loves flowers.  This day made me think of my Grandpa.  He would have loved them, all of his grate grand kids.  But I think of how much Anna loves nature, and how he did.... 

Oh, and how much Anna begged me for this dress.  She loved the puffy sleeves (there's the princess thing again). How pretty it looked for these pictures but how tired of it I am now.  :) She wore it over and over and over this summer. 

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