Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Fabulous First Day for Anna, and a not so fabulous night for Abigail

Okay, so I took 121 pictures.  (that after only a few hours sleep..more on that later) Deleated 50.  Down to just my favorites. 

Proud 2nd grader!

Anna has always worn red on her first day of school since preschool.  At first I started it without realizing.  It's a must now reminding me of China.

And then off to her school for the annual Flag Ceremony.  This is where the nerves usually set in.  But this year Anna didn't cry.  I was so proud of her.  She was so very brave!

After a hot, flag ceremony it was time to walk in with her teacher!  Not such great shots here because I was a bit emotional.  So hard to get those when you're fighting back tears...

Smiling walking in... my dream come true!

No, that's not her lunch box, but her "me box" that she had to bring in on the first day. 

And while all of that was going on.... poor Abigail who was up all night throwing up was trying to sleep.  Here she is in the hallway in the morning while I was putting the ice in Anna's lunch box.  Moments before we were supposed to leave. 

She really had us worried.  Because of her EE it wasn't simply sick to her stomach.  We called the dr at 3am.  Then finally she fell asleep....

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