Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Today Anna sat next to her seventh grade, thirteen year old sister who has been having such a tough time focusing with Distance Learning. Abigail learns socially, talking and listening to peers, her teacher. She learns by doing and so certainly learning on her computer is just not the best for her.

We've tried system after system. Wipe boards, huge charts, sticky notes, so so many things that a principal daddy and school teacher mama can come up with.

And then Anna stepped in. I watch from a far as she helped Abigail with her science lesson today.

And I was so grateful. Not just for the help.

But grateful to God that He made these two sister.

And that they would help each other through life.

I just ran across this post from back here.

And I couldn't believe my eyes. Was then. Is now. Still the best big sister in the world.

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