Monday, April 29, 2019

Dear Kelli

Today was a rough day - the normal time alarm felt like the middle of the night. I felt rough with my teaching even though I was planned and ready for Monday. The principal walked in during math, sat down with his laptop and started typing {which equals observing me} For real, my final observation today?

Today I felt out of focus and not me. My hair was frizzy (I left my favorite conditioner in the hotel shower)

I was walking around during lunch duty wondering why I didn't take video of walking around cool Chelsea market and why in the world I didn't take pictures of hardly anything.

But no matter what the day was or what "catch up" is facing me {that darn cast party I'm in charge of} we did it!

NYC just us! No one to help us - a train alone, a taxi alone, a hotel stay, maps on our phones, figuring out where to go...

We talked forever {and I could have talked with you that much for another month}, we laughed about that tea menu, we shared a frozen hot chocolate, we rode taxis, ate at pretty places where the food was as beautiful as it tasted, we shopped, and solved all of our problems in two and a half days. We walked with umbrellas, we strolled the High Line in sunshine {and gusty wind}, we sampled and tried new things.

So tired today, really behind in 'life', a ton of laundry, and emails I'm afraid to open?

SoooooooooOOoooooooooo worth it!


Thank you for flying across the country, thank you for braving NYC with me, and above all thank you for coaxing me out of my comfort zone to meet with you.

If felt gooooood to do what made me nervous... I'm proud of us!

And Kelli, when we were in front of the Warwick and your taxi pulled off, I felt like someone was taking my friend away. I felt happy to be going home to the life I love, sure. But more than that even, I felt grateful to God for friendship, across the miles, and so close in heart. {your taxi pulling away brought tears to my eyes... that was hard}

Yes, friend, today is hard because I don't know when we'll have an adventure like that again. But we will, I know it!

Thank you for adventure, and fun. Thank you for stepping out of life with me. It was the best weekend ever.


  1. Hi there! Good for you for doing this, how awesome! What wonderful memories you both have! Your blog is beautiful and encouraging, don’t think I have ever left a comment but this was one of those “wow” things!!!! Oh and what is your favorite conditioner?
    Your hair always looks fab!!! God bless Tara!!!

    Sharon from NJ

  2. Oh my goodness I don't even know where to start.. this past weekend was best weekend I have had in a long time. So many memories were made that I will hold on to forever. i am so proud of us stepping out of our comfort zone and taking on a big city just the two of us. Looking foreword to our next adventure! ❤️