Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom

Tonight Anna will be taking her final lesson for her sophomore year in viola.

There are still many concerts and orchestras that are still on going.

But it is her last lesson until some summer ones start.


When I think about Anna and the viola I think about dreams and her heart. I've sat through 11 years {so far} of lessons, orchestras, countless practices at home, and more concerts that are spilling out of my heart.

If I could tell the {younger} mama of Anna when she was 5, I would tell here you did the right thing. You helped her find something beautiful - music - and once music is in your soul, it is there forever in your character.

It doesn't matter what you "thing" is: soccer, dance, reading, cooking, or viola... helping your child enjoy life is important.

Suzuki once said, "children learn to smile from their parents"

and that is true. They learn everything for us and one of the most important things they can learn is how to enjoy their life and make their soul beautiful.

Honestly, in the process, that has made my soul and my life more beautiful.

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