Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wait for It

So tonight, after dinner, I fished my water bottle out of my school bag. I drink a ton of water at school (it's a long day).

I realized that I didn't finish my school water bottles so I started chugging.

Then I placed my water bottle on the table and saw it out of the corner of my eyes.

It wasn't MY water bottle. It was Page's. A cute 9 year old in my class. (we have the exact same water bottle... her Mom gave me one for Christmas and had my name engraved on it) But tonight the name engraved wasn't "Mrs. Baker". It was Page!

Just when I thought "ewwww... gross" Abigail said, "you know mama? She's doing the same exact ewwwww gross dance at her house... because Page just realized that she's drinking out of a water bottle that says "Mrs. Baker".


I think I'll call in sick tomorrow.


  1. Ok...my first thought was...EWWWW!
    But then, I realized that you have years of immunity built up in you...so no worries!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh man! And Abigail's response... so funny!