Monday, February 5, 2018

Catch Up

I've never gone that long without being her on this blog of mine. And I miss it.

Not sure where to start so I thought I'd see what was on the camera. Just a few things that don't really don't go together but maybe will get me outta the non-blogging rut I've been in.

Anna recently got a hair cut and sometimes the hairdresser curls it. We both decided that we like it better straight.

catch up 1

Winter is cozier with twinkle lights.

catch up 2

Noel, our Christmas birdie spends the school day in his cage... happy as can be.

catch up 3

... listening to music all day long.

catch up 4

Anna and all over her high school work has been a transition for Abigail. But she finding her way without as much sister play time as she used to.

catch up 5

catch up 13

Noel spends his time when we are home out of his house a lot. He likes his perch.

catch up 6

Baking for lunch boxes

catch up 7

And dinners... they are our time together. This was one night we were craving comfort food.

catch up 8

catch up 9

So we roasted two big trays of veggies.

catch up 10

I love the colors!

catch up 11


catch up 12

and classic Mac and Cheese

catch up 14

catch up 17

catch up 16

It sure made for a pretty table and a yummy dinner.

catch up 18

I'm slowly adding dairy back into my food. Someday I'll be brave enough to share my story here about eating (not eating) and food.

Reading is cozy too. And she devours books!

catch up 15

Well, that post made no sense. But I did it!

This year is sure different any other I've been in. But I know this is where God wants me and so I'm leaning on His grace to show me the way.

Wishing you all a blessed week. Here's to blogging again!

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  1. I miss your blogging but as a teacher myself I understand!!! Jill