Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Update on Abigail

abigail new hat 2

No emotion. Just the facts.

Last endoscopy: November (back here)

Lately: daily, constant pain

Her: More than a trouper. She takes a deep breath and moves on. She moans when she's reading. She says "it's not fair".

Next Step: Emergency appointment with her gastroenterology on January 11th.

abigail new hat

She hated her hat and mittens this year and saw these in a catalog. Her (many choices) were perfectly fine but I bought these for her anyway. I can't take away the pain. Doing the little things helps.


  1. She is so strong and brave. <3 Praying for her and for you!

  2. I found your beautiful blog awhile back through Billie Jo's blog. I am adding your sweet girl to my permanent prayer list.
    Does she have a favorite saint? I will pray to them too.