Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas Eve

One of our favorite Christmas Eves of all time.  Was it the simplicity?  The Mass?  Her singing?  Forecast of snow while we slept that night?  Our cozy home?  Us?  Scott and I knowing the joy to come the next morning?  It was all of it.  All of it I'm sure.

eve 3

Scott's Mom and Aunt in the morning.

eve 5

Coffee cake and pastries

eve 4

eve 6

eve 7

A simple, homemade soup before 5:00 Mass

eve 8

eve 9

I remember driving to 5:00 Mass on Christmas Eve when she was just home from China. A little baby in the car seat. I'll never forget the overflowing, abundant feeling of blessing.

eve 10

Our church is the oldest Catholic Church in Connecticut

eve 11

She sang on the alter

eve 12

eve 13

eve 14

eve 15

eve 16

eve 17

eve 19

A special package arrived (more on an upcoming post)

eve 21

Cookies were left for Santa

eve 18

After our girls were tucked in bed I set the kitchen table for Christmas morning breakfast.

eve 1

It's such a magical night. Candle light, fire crackling, Dean singing. A magical night.

eve 2

And we went to bed feeling so excited about our very favorite morning just a few hours away. And so so blessed for this life we live.

eve 20 bw

And do you want to know what we knew that night? Oh it still gives this winter girl, this Christmas loving girl goosebumps! The promise of snow on Christmas morning. Yes, they said we would have 4-6 inches on Christmas morning. A white Christmas? Dreams do come true.


  1. Tara,
    I have been waiting for this.
    You know that, right?
    And you, my friend, did not disappoint.
    I feel your happiness, excitement, and complete joy coming right through your beautiful photos and words.
    And I need to tell you, Anna is the most beautiful young lady.
    And your baby?
    I looked at her and you know who I saw? Her Mommy. : )

  2. I love your posts so much but your Christmas posts are always my favorite. So magical!!!