Monday, January 8, 2018

Double Snow Day

I know we all love where we live. I really really really love where I live. I am a winter girl. And I don't know what I would do if my life didn't have snow days.

We went back to school on Tuesday, January 2nd. And then by Wednesday there was a happy buzz in the air as teacher and students chatted about an upcoming storm. Up to a foot we heard. And hurricane force winds. My cuppa tea.

Schools cancelled!

We ended up having two full days home!

snow day 1

snow day 2

snow day 3

This day was dark as the snow came down until around 9 at night. That's my favorite snow day.

snow day 4

This is what it looks like around my house on a snow day. I love it!

snow day 5

I was lazy all that first day. I got up. Showered and put on clean pajamas for the day. I sat in bed and read.

snow day 16

Caught up here on this blog and had lots and lots of tea. At the end of the day I was walking around collecting all of my tea cups and I thought I'd take a quick shot of them around my house.

snow day 6

snow day 7

snow day 8

Tea at my Bible table.

snow day 9

Tea by my bed.

snow day 10

And tea late at night.

snow day 17

This is how the girls felt when we found out there would be another snow day the very next day:

The second day we had extreme, below freezing temps but got out to view the snowdrifts in around our house.

snow day 11

And it happened to be my birthday! Snow day birthday!

snow day 12

snow day 13

snow day 14

snow day 15

I've been thrilled with the weather this winter.  It snowed on Christmas.  We had piles on our trip to Kringle Candle.  It's been snowing every single week.  It's the cozy you can't buy.  And I love it!


  1. Snow days are the best! And especially appreciated by working mommies! They are too far and few in Kansas City...bitter cold, but rarely enough snow to call off school. Boo. :) Happy New Year!

  2. First off, Happy Birthday!! Is your birthday the 4th? Mine was on the 2nd, fellow Capricorn friend :) I love the family pictures of you all in that beautiful snow. My favorite days are the ones when I've just showered to put on another pair of clean pj's! I'm also happy to see I'm not the only person who has a HUGE collection of coffee/tea mugs! It's all I use even for water it has to be out of a mug, there is just something so cozy about drinking out of a mug right?!

  3. i love that you had a snow day on your birthday!!
    Happy Monday!

  4. Happy Birthday my winter loving, tea drinking friend!!!
    Here's to many more cozy snow days!

  5. Oh how gorgeous all of that snow is! My little one is sitting here and wanted to know why we don't get that white stuff. Ummm... we are still learning about geography and different climates ;)