Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas afternoon, evening and the super chill week between

At 4:00 on Christmas day we arrived at my parents.  There were presents to open, such good food to eat (the formal Christmas dinner), cousins to play with, and relaxing.

A quick picture before we left. In the fresh-fallen snow!!!!!

day 1

And her sparkly dress

day 5

did this when she entered.

day 2

day 3

She held tight to her doll all day long.

day 4

day 6

day 7

There were soft gifts and book gifts...

day 8

day 12

day 11

day 9

and teenage gifts too!

day 10

day 13

And this! A new novel about "ma" Little House on the Prairie from her perspective...

day 14

day 15

and then it's pjs and time to leave.

day 16

This is what the end of Christmas day looks like to me. It is bitterly cold but that makes twinkle lights prettier I think.

And just when I think I might be sad, I know what's coming... a week of basking a whole week of nothing.

Like sleepovers with Noel.

vaca 1

vaca 2

vaca 3

vaca 4

vaca 5


vaca 6


vaca 7

lots and lots and lots of singing

vaca 8


vaca 9


vaca 10

vaca 11

The little girls vs the Dads vs the big girls

vaca 12

vaca 13

New Year's Eve was Mass (Abigail sang again) followed by fireworks in Hartford

vaca 14

with cake and new games at home.

vaca 15

vaca 16

For sure one of the best weeks of the year! 


  1. I loved reading about your Christmas...your magical christmas morning oh so magical! Every picture from your morning I love...especially the excitement on Abigail's face as she opens her gifts. And your Christmas afternoon with your family just wonderful. I love Anna's socks and your new book...I need to read it. I am so happy you had this wonderful week with your family.

  2. make the holidays (and homelife!) simply magical. XXXOOO

  3. What a cozy winter break!!! Your girls are making so many amazing memories. I love the sparkly dresses <3

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s