Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Magic of Christmas Morning

~So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned~  
J.M. Barrie

morning 17

There are no other mornings better than December 25th.  I like all of the seasons.  I like all other holidays.  I clearly love Christmas.  But the best five hours of Christmas are summed up in one morning.

One dreamy, snowy morning.

I went to bed on Christmas Eve with a sparkling table ready for breakfast.  The tree was lit and there were dreams of girls smiles to come.

eve 2

We woke up that morning to a magical darkness that only piles of snow can bring. It was snowing and snowing hard.

morning 1

That song by Irving Berlin is true you know.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

morning 2

That 1942 version, I can listen to it forever.  All year long.  We've had white snow on the ground on Christmas.  We've had snow fall on Christmas Eve.  I can remember one particular one when I was 15 on our way to Christmas Eve Mass.  But it's hard to remember a big snow fall on Christmas morning.  I knew it would happen one year, and it was just as wonderful as I'd imagined.

I highly, highly recommend a white Christmas morning.  It surely makes everything more magical.  
Quite possibly my favorite picture on Christmas morning. The dark outside, room lit only by tree lights. The waiting of the presents. I can almost see them holding their breath, listening for girls footsteps down the stairs. Air thick with anticipation.

There is something about this photo. I love that Santa had 'brown paper packages tied up with string'. It's seeing our family room off in the distance. All ready to go.

morning 3

There was a special surprise as the girls big gift this year. The big gift is always one they didn't ask for. A secret longing that only Santa would know, who knows their hearts so well.

morning 4

morning 5

Oh the sight of this... the fireplace off in the corner, the cookie crumbs on the plate. Presents piled high and one little surprise peeking out under a wreath.

morning 6

This living room; it waits for Christmas morning all year long. It is it's whole purpose; I'm sure of it. Christmas morning. I pictured THIS when I first walked into this house a young married couple. Honest, I could see this. All romantic, and dreamy; old fashioned, and traditional.

morning 7

morning 8

morning 9

morning 10

Already named by Santa or maybe Mrs. Claus. I can just see the elves taking care of her up in the North Pole.

morning 11

Little treasures hidden beneath laden branches of the tree. This for their 'Christmas in the Forest'.

morning 12

A touch of wooden from Santa's workshop shows how much he loves them.

morning 13

Names stamped and real cloth ribbon are the touches I love so much.

morning 14

morning 15

And right before the girls came downstairs I sent Scott out with my camera so that I could remember ***this*** forever.

If you look at the shingles you can see the snow coming down.  Christmas magic as if I ordered it up.

morning 16

morning 18
The girls all this time waiting upstairs in bed.

morning 18

Until everything is just perfect. Music on. Tree lit. Fireplaces on this cozy morning going. Ready.

seeing 14

They never know what they'll find when they turn the corner. And in this very first moment; this first glimpse, they still haven't had more than a second to process it.

seeing 13

(do you see the red square of cloth behind them hanging on the wall?  It's a mirror that we cover up each Christmas morning because if you're coming down the stairs you can look in the mirror and get a glimpse of the living room and I don't want them to see it until they turn the corner)

And then

seeing 12

I love watching it back through these photos; it registering just now.

seeing 11

seeing 10

Anna, nothing stopping her, pure Christmas morning joy. Sweet Abigail just behind, her face.

seeing 9

seeing 8

seeing 7

seeing 6

seeing 5

There was enough ***magic*** in those first seconds to last a whole year long.

seeing 4

They turn and face each other, wondering if this is really a dream.
(Yes, I love how Abigail is looking up at her big sister there)

seeing 3

seeing 2

It's real.

And so after a long, long while of staring right there at their new little one to love, they start to notice other things in the room.

seeing 1

pre b 2

They notice sweetness in their stockings peeking out.

pre b 3

pre b 4

And then somehow they stopped opening and ran for their violas. They wanted to play for their new baby Noel.

pre b 5

It was so sweet and the first time they heard a tiny baby chirp.

pre b 6

A lovely duet on Christmas morning...swoon!

pre b 7

pre b 8

A song he's named after.

pre b 9

Vintage surprises in stockings.

pre b 10

And squirrel lip gloss.

pre b 11

pre b 12

But then. But then she noticed a packed tied with love. One just the size she was hoping would be under the tree.

pre b 13

And I clicked away for these faces.

pre b 14

and whispered deep into my soul, just stay little, just stay little, just stay little.

pre b 15

pre b 16

A doll should always have this reaction. Always.

pre b 17

I know that this is not what Christmas is all about but for me, it sure means the world.

pre b 18

Those sparkly eyes. I don't blink on Christmas morning.

pre b 19

pre b 20

pre b 21

And there you have it... right down there... the photo I long for all year.

~What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever~ 

pre b 22

Christmas could have stopped right there.

pre b 23

pre b 24

A china teacup for my oldest blessing.

pre b 25

They found information from the North Pole about their new baby.

pre b 26

pre b 27

pre b 28

pre b 29

We instantly fell in love with this little Christmas bird.

pre b 30

~Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, 
everything is softer and more beautiful~ 

pre b 31

pre b 32

pre b 33

pre b 34

It was time for breakfast. Oven baked french toast was coming out of the oven.

This was our view.

breakf 1

We enjoyed a pot of holiday tea.

breakf 2

breakf 3

breakf 4

breakf 5

breakf 6

breakf 7

~Home is the nicest word there is~ (the darling) Laura Ingalls Wilder 

breakf 8

While Santa is the one that brings the magic, it is for sure our family gifts that bring the biggest joy.

family 1

family 2

family 3

family 4

family 5

family 7

Little girl with her daddy all excited about what she made for him.

family 8

Sister gifts.

family 9

family 10

~Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time~ Laura Ingalls Wilder 

family 11

family 12

family 13

The two of them there.

family 14

last 1

last 2

last 2

last 3

last 4

Love this of my first love.

last 5

Little toes still and big surprises.

last 6

last 7

last 8

last 9

Brown paper packages tied up with string.

last 10

last 11

last 12

last 13

last 14

last 15

last 16

Curled in together, just as it should be.

last 17

last 18

last 19

last 20

last 21

last 22

last 23

last 24

And there you have it.  Another blessed Christmas morning.  Maybe it's a bit like yours.  Maybe entirely different.  For me, for my little family it's perfect.  We are still counting our blessings of health, goodness and endless love we felt that morning.  Now if only...

~Backward, turn backward, O time in your flight; Make me a child again; Just for tonight~ Elizabeth Akeers Allen 


  1. Perfection!!! Your home covered in snow, the picture of your tree and the twinkle lights, that sweet little bird and the excitement in your girls faces!! Now I want Christmas morning all over again, it's always so magical.

  2. Awe looks like a very magical and beautiful Christmas! All the best in the new year!


  3. Tara,
    This is the most magical Christmas post I have ever had the privilege to read.
    You were born to be a mommy on Christmas morning.
    Among other things, of course.
    But this?
    This is beautiful.
    Every moment.
    Love you!