Friday, January 12, 2018

10 Thoughts on a Friday (1)


We had Abigail's EoE dr appointment (I talked about why we were going back here).  And he's pretty sure that the inflammation she presented in her November endoscopy has caused some other problems.  There are medical terms I can not even pronounce. We are putting her on an extreme does of meds for 4 weeks and then another biopsy/endoscopy in just 4 weeks to see if it's helping and to rule out other problems.  He has to get the inflammation down before he can deal with what is causing the pain.  It's a long journey for our girl and we are grateful for her doctor for being a leader by nationally and internationally on this gastroenterology disease.  And still praying for a cure.  There is a new gene therapy that is in the introduction phase.  It's not a cure but it could help tame this beast.  It's years and years away as it hasn't gone to clinical trial yet.  She lost weight since November and that has her doctor concerned.


I packed away the girls Christmas clothes and it made me sad.  But happy that new holiday clothes are just around the corner.




the number forty-five means nothing to me.  I don't care at all about my age.  At all.  I wonder if that is abnormal.  I just don't care.  I'm me.  Today.  Doing the best I can.  Enjoying my life.  Working hard at my life.  Trying to honor God with my daily life.  I'm happy.  I was happy at 5 and 8 and 13 and 23 and 31 and 45.  The number makes no difference.  If I could, just for a day, I'd go back to 8 years old.  Be playing with dolls or reading books.  Hear my mom in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Hear my father come in the front door from teaching.  Hear the silly laughter of my brothers.  Feel the warmth.  If I could just for a day I'd go back to 31 and be baby Anna's mommy and have her fall asleep in my arms.  I'd hold her all night and not care one bit how my arms might ache and how tired I'd be the next day.  If just for a day.  But 45?  I couldn't care at all.  My life is long and my life is good.



The bathroom project is killing us.  Well, not literally but it's such a pain.  It's been the source of lots of tension; and I blame the bathroom stress to a few fights we've had lately.  Scott is working hard around the clock to get it done.  Right now the walls are up and he's working on sealing them.  Tiling is next!!!  I can not wait to be the first for a bath.  I'm a winter loving, tea drinking, cozy house, bath taking kind of girl.


Noel has been an amazing addition to our family.  The girls adore him and he has gotten so used to being our little pet.  He comes out of his cage all of the time when we are home.  We went for training from a wonderful lady that has been working with birds for over 30 years.  She taught us how to cuddle, handle, and make Noel a part of our every day lives.  She is quite the homework buddy! And viola practice buddy.




Teaching brings me such joy every day.  Now that it's January I find myself thinking "how will I ever let go of this class?"  Especially the ones that have needed so much from me.  Molding, guiding, teaching.  Being back in the classroom is often times over my head.  The observations, the testing, the rigorious curriculum of the town & state we live in but the children; they are the same.  And am their teacher.  I don't take that lightly.


Anna is in high school.  A freshman.  I'm so proud of her.  I want to remember always her work ethic.  She's in school all day.  Walks home.  Walks to the bus stop to give Abigail TLC.  She works on homework (unless she's playing viola or in orchestra) every minute (except for family dinner) until 11 at night.  I sometimes wonder about the fast track these kids are on today.  Pushing them.  But she is so smart and is learning so so much.  I couldn't be more proud of the first half of her freshman year.  It's exciting to think about the whole wide world in front of her.  It feels like everything is starting to open up now that she's in high school.


I've rearranged my schedule.  Wanted to try something new.  I used to get up at 4:30 to get my God time and my workout in before shower, dress, girls ready, breakfast cooking time.  It was a rush and I hated that rushing feeling each and every school morning.  I did it for years and years - even before going back to the classroom.  Well, my life has turned upside down and I pour so much more energy into the day in my little classroom.  And it felt like fitting both God time and my workout in the morning I wasn't giving it as much as I could.  So now I get up at 5:00 (feels like luxury to me and so late)  and I only do my God time and tea in the morning.  I work out after I tuck Abigail in bed at night.  So yes, my workout starts at 8:15 pm.  Crazy but after trying it for a couple of weeks I really really like it.  I feel better when I go to sleep.


We don't have our summer plans figured out yet.  And I'm itching to.  We always know where we are going by Christmas.  Well Christmas has come and gone and we still haven't made any big decisions.  I think that our new daily lives of my back in the classroom have kept our daily lives so so full that we just haven't had time to let our brains relax enough to see what adventure might be next for us.


My Dad is having surgery today.  I love if you would keep him and his recovery in your prayers.  This is nothing like the open heart surgery he had three years ago (back here) And I fully expect him to be running, biking, and directing middle school musicals next week.  But extra prayers would be appreciated.

Don't you think life is wonderful?  We have so much to look forward to.


  1. Love your life, your attitude, your determination, your faith, your home.
    Love you.
    Hugs for your baby, too.

  2. Praying for answers and relief for your sweet little girl.