Monday, December 16, 2013

When a Childhood Event Happens and You Know It's One They'll Remember Forever

Otherwise titled... when your Kindergarten teacher comes over for tea

It all started on the playground in a conversation something about "I want to spend time with you."

And it all turned into a Tea Party at our house.


She counted down the days and bolted out of her room the morning of.


It was a whisper secret between them at school "just two more days....!!!"

And then it was here.


And when a beloved Kindergarten teacher comes for tea you bring out all the good dishes.


Pretty table cloth that you iron to make if just so

You stop for flowers (like at a real florist... now that was decadent)


And you brew the tea.



The rest is the real magic... she arrives.

10 11 collage

And sweet conversation, happy girls, and oh happy mama = a childhood event that none of us will forget.

8 9 collage

Because her teacher came for tea.


  1. How wonderful! I still remember having my 2nd grade teacher over for lunch. My mom let me pick what I wanted to have for lunch and we set the table together. It was MANY years ago but I remember so much of it....we had tuna sandwiches and lemonade.

  2. A day she will remember forever...and yay Mommy!
    You made it all the more special...
    Enjoy these days my sweet friend!


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