Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merriest Christmas Eve


It's not over.  Right now they are playing just inches behind me.  Right now there are individual "displays" in the living room and dining room.  (they like to 'display' their presents like a little store)

I let them leave their pile/display of presents for a long long time.  I don't rush little pieces off to bins (sometimes I must admit that I have to fight the urge)

Right now there are bit and pieces of cardboard in all over from boxes seeping open each day.

Right now I have no idea where my car keys are and I don't want to know.

Right now I am pretending that there are no stores and no life beyond these walls.

I don't have any urge to take down the tree (s) (okay, s because there are seven of them) Not because I don't want to do the work but because it is still.  (yes it is) still Christmas.

As long as the Kringle candle is glowing on the glass shelf and there is a bit of a mess.  As long as they go to sleep each night dreaming of what presents they will dive into the next morning.  As long as there are pictures to go through and left over cookies.  As long as there is holiday tea.  As long as I don't remember what day it is this week then it is still  Christmas.

But I love what all of my family and friends do.  Little pictures and texts as the week goes on.  My friend Cindy shopping with her oldest for "something new" for the house now that it's all clean and tidy in there.

And my friend Billie Jo texting me photos of her daughter in Denmark while she's no doubt cozy at home with her family.  (with a candle glowing)

And my friend Kelli (far away) in her home thinking about Christmas's in the past and those in the future, trying to not think about how growing children will change things.

I love it all and am so glad and grateful for this week that we can all do what we love and need to do.

So here goes, a more elegant us.  Us on Christmas Eve.


1 collage

Mass ~ the church was so beautiful

2 collage

3 collage

4 collage

We were there early so that Abigail could sing. Oh how I love that dress and those curls.


And her tiny red shoes peeking out




The childrens choir sang along with the alto and saprano choir. It is was wonderful.


This Mass is geared for the children.


And Father Tom ready 'On the Day You Were Born' beautifully.



Grandma and Grandpa came.


And when we got home we took a few pictures in our living room before all of the fun Santa stuff.




And then it was on to reindeer food.





And before we put the cookies out there was one more surprise (but I'll save that for tomorrow)


It was a beautiful, beautiful Christmas Eve.


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  1. I love that he read on the night you were born. It's so appropriate, i had never connects the two. I'd like to read that for my girls next Christmas Eve.


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