Friday, December 11, 2015

Dear Snow

Dear Snow,

I have to write this letter to you to tell you that we miss you. Yes, sure, I was plain old tired of you in March but I miss you now. I've had my summer of sunshine, the colors of fall, I'm decorated and twinkling here in the Connecticut home but we need you to fall.

You make my girls smile.


You make my house feel cozier.


You stop all outside activities.

You beckon us to our hot chocolate station.

(2013... we have no snow yet) 
blog house 1

And you are pretty.

I long for cold, red noses, and frosty windows. The Christmas lights just don't look the same when I pull up and it's 55 out.

It's December. I'm ready for mittens and hats, and the crunch... that crunch under my feet...

If I promise not to say things like "I'm sick of you" in March, will you come... soon?


  1. Oh your house is beautiful Tara!

  2. It is indeed!
    And we have had no snow either!!!!
    55 degrees does not a cozy December day make!

  3. oh we feel your snow-less pain over here too!
    our christmas forecast is 50 and rain!! booooooo:(
    but...have a happy day;)

    oh, and's ME!:)


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