Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Black Friday

I don't do Black Friday.  I just don't.  I like home and the 'fragrance' of Thanksgiving still in my heart.
We didn't exactly stay home though.  Anna slept over Grandma and Grandpa's house while Abigail, Scott and I headed to the hospital early in the morning for a routine endoscopy.  

There isn't much to say about it. The truth is, they are routine for us.  For her.  

And we "didn't get her favorite nurse... but that's okay."  It just would have been nice and cheery and happy.  And the IV procedure would have gone a bit more smooth.  

Routine doesn't mean that it still doesn't exhaust me emotionally.  It does.  But it's done and now we wait for wonderful biopsy results on Tuesday.  






After Scott picked up Anna at my parents we snuggled in for a perfect day. We relaxed, decorated a bit more, watched our first Christmas movie, popped popcorn, made hot chocolate. I think I even had my jammies back on as soon as we were home from the hospital. My kinda black friday for sure.


  1. Bless her little heart.
    And yours...for making the rest of the day perfectly perfect.
    I knew my love of living in jammies would rub off on you. : )


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