Thursday, December 17, 2015

Irish Step Dance Christmas Party

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There is oh so much I want to say, to pour out about this night. Things I want to remember forever.

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I love this night. There is a Dance Celi (kind of like a end of the year dance recital in the early spring but this night, the Christmas party is my favorite event that Abigail gets to be a part of as an Irish Step dancer. I love the St Patrick's parade in March too. But this one warms my heart like none other.

The dances are Christmas Irish dances, Christmas music. It's beyond lovely.

I want to remember the sweetest, most family friendly event with wonderful teachers. The kind that know everyones name and make it a point to welcome you (by name). They believe in building up, in complimenting, in making the whole child feel special. That dancing comes after, relationships first.

And I want to remember so much that this year, THIS YEAR Scott, Anna, and I sat there with our mouths wide open. Because she was like really good!!! Really, really good!

So please excuse my photos. I did the best I could. The lighting (don't we always blame the lighting?) and where I was sitting, and just how good she was had my focus.


The dance they did was a "Big Surprise".  And Abigail was so excited about the surprise!

(I love the grin on her face)

It was awesome, the crowd (okay, so not the dad over there holding his baby) cheered at the end, clapped along, loved it.

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I had no idea that Abigail was keeping such an awesome secret.

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It was a rockin Hark the Herald Angels Sing dance (Irish style) and we all loved it.

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