Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Mornings

I know that most people hate them them but I love Monday mornings. Love them. I don't love Sunday night so much and often get those 'sunday night blues' as I start packing lunches.

But on Monday morning I feel energized and happy and awake.


I love the way the dim light hits certain parts of my home.

Making it feel cozy and peaceful. Sort of a gentle feeling.

I love starting everyday here with God. Reading His word and praying. Although it's pitch dark when I'm usually here I just love it. We have a date at 4:30 in the morning. My everything depends on it.


I love the feel of the kitchen in the morning.


And daughters with messy hair and a doll in their hands before getting ready.


I love the clean, organized feeling that Monday morning brings. Everything is sparkling and tidy from our hard work on the weekend. The meals are all planned and shopped for... breakfasts, lunches, and dinner... and all I have to do is enjoy making it all.


Yup, I'm pretty much a Monday morning girl!


  1. I love getting to take a peak into your beautiful home...especially your kitchen❤️

  2. I like them, too. I really do. I love my Sunday nights though just as much. It is the only day that we truly "rest" and feel energized for what life hands us a short 24 hours later. Beautiful images and thoughts.