Monday, March 16, 2015

Going To Church

Someday on this blog I will tell the story of my love for my favorite author, Laura Ingalls Wilder. My favorite part of the Little House series was always Ma being a mother in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, teaching her girls. Being home. When I grew up I wanted to be Ma. Reading those books when I was eight or nine or something like that changed me. (oh someday I will take the time to REALLY tell you my love for those books) My other favorite parts were the school chapters and the church chapters. I loved their 'special Sunday ribbons', how they dressed up, how Ma sewed Sunday best dresses, how they rode in Pa's wagon filled with hay... sigh.

I love going to Church with my family. Always have. And with time slipping through my fingers lately and my girls not getting any younger (as much as I try) I've been wanting to capture a bit of our own 'going to church'.

So, I've been taking a quick iphone picture after Mass each week. It started the first Sunday of Lent. They are quick. No one wants to, really. But they smile for me anyway.


And somehow, years and years from now I hope they have their own memories of our family taking time out from the world, stopping no matter what is on the schedule and going to church.


  1. god bless you all , tnx for share mates

  2. A family who loves going to church is more blessed and sanctified. It’s good to spend your time together in attending church services, rather than risk being exposed to any kind of worldly activities. I think you are really a great parent to your children for bringing them closer to God. Thanks for sharing that, Tara. All the best to you and to your family!

    Brent Foster @ Fairway Ministries