Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring... oh... I mean snow...


I'm wearing flannel jammies with my big bathrobe over it right now. I've got my wool socks on and slippers over those. Abigail fell asleep with her footie flannel jammies with a cami under that.  She's tucked under a down comforter and blankets.  Usually this time of year we start to see looooong stretches of high 40's and sunshine. Not this year. Burr... baby it's cold outside. And we're in the middle of another storm. Snow! On the first day of spring.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."  ~Aristotle

I was in a kindergarten classroom today and the wonderful teacher had her littles all gathered 'round her as she talked to the captivated audience. Went something like this (but I don't have that magic... she an old fashioned, wonder of a teacher)

"do you remember boys and girls when we had our first snow and all ran outside without our coats to catch snowflakes?"

"yes..." they sing in a chorus

"do we want to do that today?"

"nooooo" they sing together again.

"okay. I have an idea. Lets do a special wish for spring to really come. Who's turn is it for the magic wand?"

Ohhh. There was magic in her voice. She didn't even need the wand.

I was there to get one of my little readers but I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay and hear her lead the children in a magical wish for spring.

"It's spring again.. and Birds on the Wing again... start to Sing again... 
Love's sweet Melody..."

For teacher




And then...

around 2 pm a big snowstorm. One last winter fling... just about 4 inches though... enough to cover the brown mess outside with a clean white blanket.




Spring will come. Eventually. And in Connecticut it will feel soooo good!

Abigail heard this song on the way to school this morning. (Seris XM... Kids Place Live station)  Isn't it fun? Great for a car dance in the drop off line.

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