Friday, December 27, 2013

"It's the Day After the Day After, Mama" says Anna

It was wonderful; wasn't it? 

We are right now still in our Christmas bubble.  Piles of new toys are everywhere, we are stepping over boxes and playmobile hotels, the music is still playing non stop, the candles are burning, and the Christmas tea pot is pouring all day long. 


My tea table got a makeover, or at least a refill.  Scott and I got and gave each other the most delicious teas this Christmas.  Oh my this Chocolate one (I wish you could open up that lid and smell it... it's divine) ! and the Red Velvet from my Mom


We're going to bed waaaay too late and snuggling with Abigail when she comes to wake us up in the morning. 

I can feel that Anna's whole body changed these days off.  She's not running to and fro.  There are no lessons, no concerts, no homework and nothing she has to do.  She leaves her jammies on most of the day and just plays and plays with her little sister.

Just a few pictures leading up to Christmas...



Do you ever get that feeling just before Christmas or just after that you haven't done enough Christmas?  This year I felt it just a few days before.  We hadn't read every single (of over 100) Christmas books, not all of the Christmas movies were watched, and did I miss anything?  So I strap on my Ho ho ho apron and bring down the redder and red nail polish and do their toes in front of the fireplace.  And it makes me feel better.


I take a picture of Daddy reading a bedtime story so that I'll remember that it did happen.


And how the kitchen smelled of freshly baked bread for two days in a row getting ready for Christmas Eve.


There were lights that twinkled in our dining room  and she wore her "joy" nightgown all week.




It did happen; even the few things that didn't happen made this Christmas different than any other Christmas and wonderful.

Okay, back to my Christmas bubble where I don't even know what day it is.  I'll weed through my Christmas Eve, morning and such photos as the days wear on but my blanket, couch, slippers and tea are calling my name.

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  1. I think your house must be so full of warm, merry, good cheer. I am truly happy to have discovered your blog!


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