Monday, December 16, 2013


Her viola lately has just been an extension of her body.  Lots of concerts both school and private Suzuki.  Auditions for spring orchestras and extra practices for group class concerts.  I miss her viola hanging in our living room on the wall.  It's always in her case back and forth to lesson, rehearsals, school, and everywhere!  But it'll be back there soon!


This year at school she played with the fifth grade orchestra and also the small string ensemble.

I love to capture that just about to go on stage face.  
3 4 collage


And for Sazuki she played in the orchestra.  It was magnificent.




She's been playing since she was five and has come so very far in her playing.  When I asked her about the middle level Sazuki orchetras last night and if she thought she'd be playing in them some day she said, "I sure hope so."

And look what we got this weekend... SNOW!  I'm hoping the temps stay cold enough to keep it around for a White Christmas!  Oh please!  

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